Event settings (group appointment)

To create a group appointment for clients, you must first set the appropriate parameters in the Settings - Appointment calendar (read more here).

You also need to select and configure the services for which the event will be available. Go to Settings - Services, select a service, and edit. In the general tab, check the box next to the Group service item and specify Capacity (number of participants in an event). After that, be sure to click Save.


New event

To create a new event, click on the desired date in the calendar, the schedule for the selected day will open. Choose an employee and the time you want to create an appointment. Click on the New Event button, which appears when you hover over your free time in the appointment calendar.

1. Select a Service.

2. Capacity will be indicated automatically (using the value from the service settings), but if necessary, you can change this value.

3. Select a Resource. If several resources are required, you can add them. To do this, click on the  ____________.png  button and select the next resource. To delete a resource, click on the  _______________.png button.

4. If necessary, change the date and time.

5. The duration will be indicated automatically (using the value from the service settings), but if necessary you can change this value. 

6. Select a color and category. 

7. In the end, click the Save button or Save and make an event for clients. In the first option, you can save the settings and return to the client event later. In the second option, the appointment tab will open and you can immediately make an appointment for clients for this event. 


Event editing and appointments

All event settings can be edited and deleted. To do this, select an event in the appointment calendar, click on it and go to the Settings tab, change the information and save it. To delete an event, click the Delete button. You can also delete an event in the Overview - Events section (read more here). 

Here you can start creating events. To do this, click save and make an event for the clients button or go to the appointments tab. 

In the Quick Booking window that opens, specify the client data: name, phone, e-mail, or loyalty (card, subscription, or certificate number). Click the Book button. 

Data about each client will appear in the list of the places under the data entry form. 


Also on the places tab, you can:

  • view brief information about each client, for this, click on the ____.png button;
  • go to the appointment details window and edit all the information (read more here) to do this, click on the client data (name/phone number);
  • change the visit status and proceed to payment by card in one click, to do this, click on the link Fast payment. 


Repeat the event

Any event can be automatically repeated, this setting eliminates the need to create a new event every time in the schedule, and also makes it possible to save events along with records and customer data.

To create a repeat template in the event appointment window, click the repeat tab.

1. Indicate the name of the template and select the periodicity with which it will be repeated, click the Save template button. In the future, you can select this template for the settings of other events.

2. Specify the time and date that the event repeats.

3. Indicate the maximum number of repetitions or the end date.

4. Choose how events will be repeated: without clients or with clients.

5. Click the Create Repetition button.

After that, event repeats will appear in the schedule.



If events for some reason need to be deleted (eg. created an extra number of repetitions, etc.) you can delete them all in the Overview - Events section (read more here).

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