Appointments category

What is it and what is it for?

YCLIENTS provide for categorizing appointments. Categories are labels with names and conventions which are displayed in the appointment calendar and allow you to quickly understand what category the record belongs to.

By default, 4 categories are created: Full online payment, Part online payment, Employee is important, Employee is not important.

1. Full online payment means that the client fully paid for the visit in advance using online payment.

2. Part online payment means that the client has a pre-paid part of the cost of the visit using online payment.

3. Employee important means that the client has signed up for a specific employee.

4. Employee is not important means that the client creates an appointment for any employee, and therefore got to random free. If necessary, this appointment can be transferred to another employee.

You can use the default categories, you can add your own categories. Often create categories related to the source of the appointment, the category of clients (VIP-clients, loyal clients, new clients, difficult clients, etc.)

How to create a category?

Go to Settings - Categories (tags) and click the Add a Category button. Indicate the name of the category and select a tag color, click Save. After that, a new category will appear in the list.

When creating or editing a visit in an appointment calendar, you can select one or several categories for an appointment. After that, category type codes will be displayed in the appointment calendar visit card. When you hover over the icon, you can see the name of the category. 

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