Sales analysis

What is it and what is it for?

The sales report can be viewed in the Warehouse - Sales Analysis.

Data in the report: 

  • Reference number
  • Goods
  • Amount
  • Prime cost (total for the sale of all units of goods)
  • Margin (in rubles and percent)
  • Total cost

You can also see the total cost and the final markup of the goods sold.

How you can work with this report?

To create a report, go to the Warehouse - Sales Analysis. Filter the list by the required fields and click the Show button. 

Fields by which you can filter information:

  • Period
  • Goods and goods categories
  • Employees who sold the goods
  • Suppliers (contractors)

In this way, you can view, for example, a sales report for a specific employee.

The data in the Goods column is presented as clickable links. Click on the link in the Goods column to go to the goods card.

If necessary, the report can be exported to Excel.

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