Warehouse activities report

What is it and what is it for?

The report on the warehouse activities can be viewed in the Warehouse - Warehouse activities section. It can be formed in various ways, depending on what information needs to be displayed in it.

Data in the report:

Document number
Type of transaction
Cost price
Stock balance
Change history, click the Show button to view

How you can work with this report?

To create a report, go to the Warehouse - Warehouse activities. Filter the list by the required goods and click the Show button.

Showings by which you can filter information:

  • The period in which the activities was carried out
  • Type of operations (arrived, sale, write-off of goods, write-off of consumables, movement between warehouses)
  • Contractor
  • Warehouse
  • Goods
  • The service that the consumable tied to
  • Client
  • Document

Thus, you can view, for example, a report only on write-off activities.

Data in the Date, Goods, and Appointment columns are presented as clickable links. Click on the link in the Date or Appointment column to go to the visit card. Click on the link in the Goods column to go to the Goods card.

If necessary, the list of warehouse activities can be exported to Excel.

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