Rewards and penalties

Rewards and penalties can be issued for various reasons that you set yourself. For instance, a reward for clients that returned, never running late, good work, etc. Penalties for being late, job poorly done, ruined equipment, etc.

For more regular occurrences you can create templates of rewards and penalties for you to select specific types in the future.

Creating rewards and penalties 

Go to the Payroll - Bonuses and Penalties section and click either Add a reward or Add a penalty button.

Indicate the Name of the reward or penalty (for instance, for good work, being late, etc.) and Standard amount which can be changed when you issue it. Click the Save button. These templates can be edited or deleted and you can also create new ones.


How to issue a reward or a penalty?

1st option

You can issue rewards and penalties when creating payroll sheets. Go to the Payroll - Settlements section and click the Create a payroll sheet button.

In the payroll sheet click the Add a reward and/or Add a penalty button. After that click the Save and send button and rewards and penalties will appear in the list of calculations on the payroll sheet page.



2nd option

Go to Payroll - Settlements section, select a period and a specific staff member and click the Issue a reward or Issue a penalty button.


  1. Indicate the creation Date and time of the calculation.
  2. Type of payment will be selected by default but it can be changed.
  3. Select the Type of reward/penalty.
  4. Select the Staff member for this calculation.
  5. The Amount of the calculation will be automatically taken from the template, you can change it if you need to.
  6. Add a Comment.
  7. Click the Save button.

3rd option

You can also issue rewards or penalties using priority payment. You will find a more detailed description of this process in the Priority payments article.

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