Online payment setup in YCLIENTS

With YCLIENTS, you can accept online payments for your services right in the online booking form.

Set up a required or optional prepayment for certain services or employees. With a required prepayment, a client is not able to book online until he or she pays for a service.

To start accepting payments online, make sure that in the Finance - Online payment section, the status of Online payment option is Enabled.


YCLIENTS does not charge anything on top of whatever deal you may have with your payment processor. This means that there will be no additional surprise fees for you nor your clients.

What are online payment statuses?

All services and employees have online payment status settings.

There are three possible statuses for online payment: Required, Allowed, Restricted.

By default, all online payment services and employees have Restricted status.

How to set up a status for online payment?

1. Before setting up online payment, go to the Settings - Information and on the Description tab add your legal entity or individual entrepreneur details. They will be shown in your online booking form as Information about your company.


2. For services, you need to select the online payment status in the settings of each specific service.

To set the status, go to Settings - Services, select the service category, then click on the particular service. In the Online payment field, select the status.


3. For employees, you need to select the status of online payment in the settings for each specific employee.

Go to Settings - Employees and click on the Other settings icon. On the page that opens, select a status in the Online payment field.


What changes in the online booking form after the online payment status settings?

Services and employees with required and optional online payment are marked in the booking form with the corresponding icons.

If online payment is restricted, the view of these services and employees is default.

If online payment for the service is required, at the final step of booking your customer will see a chosen service with a checkmark that cannot be removed.

If online payment for the service is optional, at the final booking step there will be a box next to the selected service, which your customer can check if he or she wants to pay online.

After clicking on the Proceed to checkout button, the client will be taken to the payment processor's website, where he or she can pay online for your service securely.

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