Financial operations report

What is it and what is it for?

Financial operations report shows a list of all financial transactions. It can be formed in different configurations depending on what information you need to see in it.

Indicators that can be used to filter information:

  • Period of the operations
  • Type of payment
  • Supplier
  • Cash register
  • Payment item
  • Staff member
  • Cancellation status
  • Client
  • Document
  • Product
  • Service

How to work with the report?

To form the report go to Finance - Financial transactions section. Filter the list by indicators you need and click the Show button.

This will allow you to view, for instance, settlements with a supplier or expenditures on specific items.


Data in the Date and Visit columns are clickable links. If you click on the link in the Date column you’ll go to the page with details on the operation selected. Click the link in the Visit column to open the window of the visit.

Financial operations can be downloaded only using email. User will receive an email with a link to download the file. After that in the Overview - Data log section in YCLIENTS a log of downloads will appear with information on who requested what data and when. A list of download logs can be received through the section if you have access rights to it.



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