Membership types

There are two types of spaces in YCLIENTS: locations and chains. Locations have their menu on the left on navy background, chains have their menu on the left on purple background.

Locations and chains have different sections. There’s no Loyalty section in locations, you can find it in chains only.

To open the chain you need to do the following:

  1. Click the name of the location in the top left corner.
  2. In the drop-down list select the desired chain.


Creating membership type

In the chain interface go to the Loyalty - Type of memberships section and click the Add type of subscription button. On the new page that opened enter all information needed and click the Save button.

General settings tab

1. Indicate membership type name, i.e. Massage membership.

2. Indicate membership Cost.

3. Indicate Promo period and Units of measurement for the period (day, month, week, year) as well as how the expiration period will be considered: on first visit or when selling.

If you want the membership to have an unlimited promo period, indicate 0 in the correlating field.

4. If in the Activate automatically on long non-attendance field you’ve indicated Yes then in the Activate from the moment of sale through field you’ll be able to indicate when a membership should be activated after sale. Learn about this in more detail in the article.

5. Indicate whether it’ll be possible to Freeze a membership. Indicate any freezing period for membership type. Learn about this in more detail in the article

6. Check the box if you wish to Allow selling subscription without code. You’ll be able to create memberships during sale of which you won’t need to assign a code to them. These memberships will be applicable only if you’ve indicated the client when selling them.

Important: it’s mandatory to indicate the client in the visit when selling such membership.

7. You’ll be able to recalculate the service price depending on the cost of the membership. Usually it’s lower than in the price list and this needs to be accounted for, i.e., when calculating payroll.

How recalculation works:

Cost in the Membership type / Amount of services in the membership = Price of service after recalculation.

8000/10=800 (price of a single service)

8. Allow or don’t allow changing the membership. You’ll be able to allow changing membership in all locations or only where the membership was sold. You’ll be able to change service amount as well as membership expiration date.

Important: you can’t change services in the membership! 

9. Select locations this membership will be valid for.

10. Click the Save button.

Services tab

In YCLIENTS you can create memberships both for separate services as well as with a general number of visits for different services. To perform these settings go to the Services tab.

1. When creating membership type for separate services select Separate in the Balance field, to create membership type with general balance of visits select General.

2. Select Category of services and Service this membership will apply to.

3. Indicate number of visits included in the membership.

4. To add services to the membership click the button ______.png.


Membership usage

Archiving membership type:

  • To archive membership type go to the active membership type and find the Archive button in the bottom right corner.
  • Archived membership types will be transferred to the Archive of subscription types tab and will no longer appear in the list of products for sale.
  • To restore the membership type go to the Archive of subscription types tab and click the action button on the right of the name of the membership.
  • Archived memberships can be used to pay for services.

Read about archiving in the article.

Expiration date that you've selected when configuring membership type will be calculated from the moment you perform payment with membership for the first time.

After creation memberships will appear in locations in Inventory - Products section: related products and Memberships category of products will be created. Memberships will be available for sale to clients (find detailed instructions in the Memberships sale article) and sold memberships will be available for payment (Payment for services with membership).

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