Appointments settings

Appointment Calendar is an electronic calendar where you can work with schedules, appointments, and events. All other modules are associated with clients visit data from a loyalty program to financial and warehouse accounting. 

After you set a schedule for employees, data about them will appear in the appointment calendar. It will also be possible to make appointments for those employees who have a schedule. 

To create a new appointment, click on the desired date in the calendar on the left, the schedule for the selected day will open. Select the employee and the time for which you want to make a client appointment. Click on the New Appointment button, which appears when you hover over your free time on the calendar. Specify the type of visit: appointment or event. 

When you create a new visit, a visit window is automatically created.

Visit - all clients appointments for the day.


The visit window includes two blocks: Visit and Client.

Sections and features of the Visit block:

1. Appointment Details

2. Visit status

3. Visit payment (appears when choosing the statuses Client came and Client confirmed)

4. Notifications (deleted when the status of the client did not come)

5. Change History

6. Goods write-off

The content of the block Client repeats the content of information in the client’s card in the section Clients - Client base. Read more in Client's card information 

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